Why Big Business Have Small Business Envy: 

I want to share a secret with you: small businesses like yours have some serious advantages that those big guys secretly envy.

The Unfair Advantages You Have and How to Use Them  

As an eCommerce & small business it’s hard not to look at the big guy with their massive reach & resources and feel a tiny bit resentful. You think they have all the resources to make it through the shit storm. I get it, I’ve been there too. But today, I want to share a secret with you: small businesses like yours have some serious advantages that those big guys secretly envy.

You Can Do the Unscalable.

Yes you heard that right. Un-sca-lable.  When’s the last time a mega corporation sent you a personalised thank you video or handwritten note? Probably never! But small businesses can provide that magic touch and real human connection. Don’t underestimate the power of delighting each customer this way, it never get’s old. 

  • Send personalized thank you videos to each customer (yes each one!)
  • Write handwritten notes and include them with orders
  • Record customized voicemail greetings

As a small business in eCommerce, this is how you create your 1000 raving fans. Who are the 1000 raving fans you ask? These are the guys & gals that rave about you, tell all there mates & every other person they meet, they become your marketing ambassadors and spread the good word like wild fire. And as a small business word of mouth is your best friend.

Going the extra mile pays off, trust me.

You are a small business, of course you move Fast. 

While big brands are stuck unable to pivot, small businesses can adapt at lightning speed. Spot a new trend or get customer feedback? You can shift your focus immediately. Use this flexibility to rapidly test new ideas and jump on opportunities faster than the competition.

And How do you do that ?

  • You have the superpower of truly listening and responding to each customer’s needs. Keep soliciting feedback through surveys and social media monitoring. Then impress customers by actually making improvements based on what they say. 
  • Test out new product variations and see what sticks.
  • Run A/B tests on marketing campaigns and pivot quick based on results. What now? A/b testing is when you run a test to see what works best for example – which email subject line had higher open rates, what time and date do most people open my newsletter.

Remember that  the first new thing you try might not work and that is totally cool – move on to the next one,  but calmly. Give it enough time to breathe. You got this !

Choose To Work With Whoever You Want.

Small businesses aren’t limited by all the red tape and can collaborate with virtually anyone. Small businesses have the power to partner creatively

  •  Influencers
  • Other businesses
  • Freelancers – you name it. 

Get creative & use this to your full advantage!

Let’s Face It, You Are More Loved.

Shoppers want that connection and want to support the underdog. 

They are rooting for you – remember that craft beer explosion? We desperately wanted beer that didn’t come from a factory and that told a thousand stories. 

You have the ability to build authentic relationships and connect with customers as real people. 

Find ways to tell your story:

  • Share behind-the-scenes content 
  • Find ways to show your process, your thinking – what goes in to making the product
  • Share your life!
  • Spotlight customer success stories and user-generated content
  • Use social media to directly engage with customers daily

Your Passion Drives You.

I used that P – word. I know, it’s cringe right? But it’s true. When I ran my eCcommerce business it was passion that fuelled my creativity. I dreamt up fun events & cool ways to delight and surprise customers.

If you feel your passion fizzling out – here’s how to get your mojo back:

  • Write down 5 things you love about your business
  • Ok now write down 5 things your customers love about your business
  • Now think of your mission – what is that you set out to do
  • And remember your big WHY – why are you doing this ? for never working in an office again? To change the world? Change your life ?

Small business you rock! You have the superpower of truly listening and responding to each customer’s needs. Remember that big business copy you. They can only wish to be small and nimble and have the connections that you have with the community.

You’ve got this! Now go leverage your small biz advantages.

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